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Fonger speaking

“In the wine tasting experience, many factors play a roll, but nothing is so defining as the glass from which you drink. In an ideal world therefore we drink our wines preferably from glasses made specifically for the grape variety or specific type of wine. But let’s be honest, you also want a glass in the cupboard that can offer a first rate serve for your wine.”
“That’s why a number of years ago I began a search, together with a high class glass maker, for a strong and functional glass. A glass that provides the highest possible experience when drinking various wines from one universal glass. With the Univerre wine glass, we achieved that; an elegant, beautiful, durable and affordable glass that through its form and material thickness the flavours, colour and taste of every type of wine – also champagne – come into their full potential.”

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The journey


A first thought

Fonger saw that through the enormous range offered for wine lovers and for the catering industry, it had become increasingly difficult to make a responsible choice of good glassware.


The search began

Despite the wide range, a good and affordable universal wine glass was not to be found. And so the decision was taken to develop one ourselves. The search for a glass designer and suitable producer seriously started! 

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