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Good wine deserves a good wine glass. A glass in which a wine develops its full potential. 

High-end glassware collections are increasingly extensive but also expensive. Therefore complex and costly to maintain a complete collection. At Verretti we feel that’s unnecessary.

So we’re pleased to present one universal glass in which every wine comes fully into its own.  

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Introducing UNIVERRE

The Univerre wine glass from Verretti gives a wine precisely enough space to release the bouquet but, at the same time, retain all the taste. 
This universal glass is the result of more than thirty years of research and experimenting with wine glasses. All impressions, experiences and insights led to an elegant design that satisfies all requirements and quality, offering an optimal performance for all varieties of wines.  

"Nothing is so defining as the glass from which you drink your wine."

Fonger Kranenburg


The story behind Verretti

Fonger Kranenburg, CEO of Résidence Wijnen and Wijnkoperij De Gouden Ton, is the driving force behind Verretti. In the many years he has been importing and selling wine & wine glasses to the catering & retail industry, he has seen the range of wine glasses become so large, that many simply no longer know where to begin. With Verretti this comes to an end.  

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